What exactly is DNA Art?

DNA Art is created by photographing a person’s DNA profile and printing the photograph on a canvas using high quality inks. The resulting artwork has personal value as well as artistic value. The bands of varying shades and depth on these pieces make them look like abstract or contemporary art. They look good in almost any setting: whether the interiors are sparse and industrial or baroque and overdone. With dozens of different styles, frames, and sizes to choose from, customers can decide how best to present their own unique DNA artwork.

How is DNA art made?

Various companies producing this type of art have popped up all around the world in recent years. Most follow the same procedure to manufacture the artwork.

First, the customer places the order. He customises his artwork by choosing the style, frame, and size from the company’s catalogue, then places the order and the company sends him a DNA collection kit. The customer then swabs his cheek, following the instructions in the kit, and sends the swab back to the company.

In the lab, the DNA is extracted from the sample. Various fluorescent dyes are used to highlight the bands of the DNA, creating the customer’s particular DNA profile. The highlighted DNA image that results from this process is photographed. After the photograph is taken, the DNA sample provided by the client is destroyed. This is done to protect the client’s privacy.

To create the artwork, the photograph of the client’s DNA profile is customized based on the client’s specifications. When the desired outcome is achieved, the picture is then printed out to the size specified. Then the artwork is framed. After a thorough inspection for quality, the artwork is bubble wrapped and packed in a sturdy container to protect it during transport. The package is shipped via the client’s courier of choice.

This whole process may take more than 4 weeks from receipt of the DNA sample.

What makes DNA art special?

Can anyone own a piece of art more personalised than this? DNA artwork is truly one of a kind. Your particular DNA is what makes you unique. Therefore, your DNA artwork is in itself a matchless work, the only one of its kind. This is a work of art that you will be proud to own, whose value will never depreciate, because in terms of value, the sentimental exceeds the monetary.