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Ancestry Tests

Have you ever thought about your ancestors and Where they came from? EasyDNA offers you a wide range of DNA ancestry testing services, where with a simple DNA sample they will be able to not only trace the history of your ancestors, but also where they originated from, obtaining a record of their movements thousands of years ago!

Choose from the DNA ancestry tests we offer

3,500 HKD

Paternal Lineage Test

Why not do a paternal lineage test to learn more about your ancient paternal roots and your forefathers many millennia ago ? With our test you can trace your paternal ancestry, the origins of your paternal ancestors and their migration patterns.

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3,750 HKD

Maternal Lineage Test

With our maternal lineage test, you can choose to specifically locate the origins of your maternal ancestors. Learn where your maternal ancestors settled as well as the migration patterns of your fore-bearers out of Africa to the rest of the globe.

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3,400 HKD

GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test

This ancestry test will link you to the countries, cities or even island from which your ancestors came. Begin your quest to discover your roots.

The Most Advanced Ancestry Test Available in our Portfolio

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