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21,450 HKD Prenatal Package

We are pleased to announce a very Special Prenatal Package which includes our Non Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test, Non Invasive Prenatal Screening Test for Down’s Syndrome and many other Chromosomal Disorders and also our baby gender test. Below, find a short description to each test. Contact us for more information.

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Our 3 in 1 test includes the following:

Non Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test 

EasyDNA offers a highly accurate, non-invasive prenatal paternity test with 0% risk – a scientific breakthrough in the field of prenatal testing. Your other, invasive prenatal paternity testing options are risky – with them you stand a chance of miscarriage or harming the baby. Our non-invasive test is the safest and most accurate test available.

Non Invasive Prenatal Screening

For Down’s Syndrome and many other Chromosomal Disorders. Do you need to know whether your unborn baby might suffer from Down’s syndrome or 18 other Chromosomal Disorders but are worried about the risks? EasyDNA offers a non-invasive prenatal test for Down’s syndrome (the NIPS test) which is the most recent breakthrough in the field of prenatal tests.

Baby Gender Test 

Are you having a baby boy or baby girl? Are you curious to find out? With a 98% accuracy rate, our baby gender DNA test using a blood sample will give you the definite answer you need at only 8 weeks post conception or 10 weeks of pregnancy. The test we offer has been extensively validated and endorsed and no other baby gender test offers such accurate results so early in your pregnancy.

We can offer all the above non invasive tests for a very discounted 21,450 HKD

The test requires a medical blood draw and a total volume of blood of just 8.5 ml. We will provide the blood collection tube inside our kit.

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