The Emotional Effects of a DNA Paternity Test

Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to take a DNA paternity test, it is a very simple and straightforward procedure. More often than not, the most successful and accurate way of testing is through a simple mouth swab sample; however, there are many factors to think about before taking this test.

What should I consider before taking a paternity test?

There are many outcomes resulting in the taking of a paternity test, and it is worth considering all possible issues beforehand. The results may not always be what you were hoping for and you need to be fully informed and prepared for anything. Regardless of your circumstances, the test can change the lives of all concerned and the emotional effects it can have on a child can be far reaching, including identity, esteem and rejection issues. It is common for a child to idealise an image of the “real” father only to be disappointed when faced with the truth. It is strongly encouraged that you and any family involved seek counselling before and after the DNA paternity testing process.

What are the emotional effects of taking the test?

Taking a paternity test can affect many people within a family. A parent that has spent many years raising a child, may be hurt or confused by the child’s need to find their biological father, and it is strongly recommended that you and your family discuss all the options and seek counselling where necessary before taking a test. It is important that all family members are made aware of the possible fallout caused by a the test and worth noting that just because the result proves who your biological father is, it doesn’t mean that they will want to be part of your life.

Does a paternity testing bring peace of mind?

It is a common misconception for people to think that differences in appearance or behaviours mean that their child has a different biological father. Genetics has proved that differences between siblings can be quite normal; however, persistent doubts and nagging feelings can only be silenced through the use of a paternity test, as it is the only conclusive assurance one can have as to the genetic relationship between family members.

Where do I get a test?

It has never been easier to get a paternity test, and you can find a number of companies and laboratories that are able to handle all your queries quickly, cheaply and in total confidence. It is always advisable to use a reputable company that performs their entire DNA testing to international accreditation standards.

If you have already decided to get a paternity test it is advisable to use a known company such as easyDNA.