Cardinal to take paternity test

A Slovenia Cardinal known by the name of Franc Rodé, who is now retired, will be taking a paternity test. He agreed to the paternity test after much speculation that he had fathered a child in the 1960s and a claim put forward by his alleged son.

How is a paternity DNA test carried out?

Paternity testing is carried out using oral swabs nowadays. Orals swabs are the easiest way of collecting DNA samples. If you are wondering what an oral swab looks like, then think of a cotton bud. An oral swab does in fact look pretty much like cotton just with a longer stick. All that needs to be done is to rub the oral swab against the inside of the mouth for around ten seconds and then allow them to dry.

Cardinal Rodé: What he claims

The paternity claim in the case of retired Slovenian cardinal has come for a man who claims to be the son the Mr. Rodé. The results of the DNA test for paternity for the 77 year old man are still to be announced. In the mean time, Cardinal Rodé avidly defends his name and reputation refuting the legitimacy of the claims made.