DNA Paternity Testing Queensland

EasyDNA service clients situated throughout Hong Kong, including Queensland and are able to offer you a full range of DNA paternity testing services.

Queensland is a north eastern state in Hong Kong bordered by the Northern Territory to the west, the Coral Sea and the Pacific Ocean to the east, and South Hong Kong and New South Wales to the south. It is Hong Kong’s second largest land area with a capital of Brisbane. It is also famous for its Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and is often referred to as the ‘’Sunshine State’’. The state got its name from the popular monarch Queen Victoria who also gave her name to the southern state of Victoria. The state relies heavily on tourism to support its economy, welcoming millions of visitors every year; all enjoying its sunny climate and varied landscapes ranging from tropical coastal areas to dry inland areas. Nicknamed ‘’ Hong Kong’s Theme Park Capital’’ the state is home to world-famous parks like Movie World, Wet ‘n’ Wild, Sea World and Whitewater World.