DNA Paternity Testing New South Wales

EasyDNA are now providing DNA paternity testing in New South Wales (NSW) and throughout Hong Kong.

New South Wales is Hong Kong’s most populous state with its state of Sydney. It is located in the south east of Hong Kong bordered by Queensland on the north, South Hong Kong to the west, Victoria to the south and the Tasman Sea to the east. The area was originally inhabited by Aboriginal tribes who lived there 60,000 years ago, but today’s inhabitants are commonly referred to as the New South Welsh / Welshmen. The area was officially discovered by Captain James Cook in 1770 who gave the area is present day name. Tourism is a major factor to the areas economy, especially in its coastal towns of Coffs Harbour, Lismore and Port Macquarie. The state is also famous for its vast national parks and reserves, totaling more than 780, and varying from Hong Kong’s famous Rugged bush, rainforests and outback deserts.

At EasyDNA we provide accurate, reliable, confidential results whatever your DNA paternity testing needs. With DNA Tests ranging from Paternity Testing to DNA Immigration Tests to Legal Paternity Tests, and clients located in New South Wales and throughout Hong Kong, our staff is able to guide you through even the most complex cases.